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Introduction: Cool Mobile Charger

Ever needed your mobile to catch a pic or share something and just then your battery runs out. Recently I was checking out of the ones on eBay (see pic)  for portable or external mobile chargers and just realized I could make that ad started to build one. At the end I realized it wast so hard and it cost me around 10$ while the orginals were around 30$. And also looks quite like the one on ebay as in the pic.

In this tutorial Im going to show you how to build a simple portable mobile charger. This has a USB output so you can you can plug in various types of mobile phones. So you can stop searching for a charger and start sharing. More ever this is portable and can fit in ur pocket easily . This charger gives a constant output of 5v at 1amp. 

Step 1: Parts

1) LM7805
2)USB input pin
3)Rechargeable 9V battery
4)A case to get all of this in.
5)A switch
6)Power input pin (see the pic)

Step 2: Circut

Follow the circuit  build the voltage regulator. Insert the switch in between the input DC positive, to turn off the circuit and save the battery . The other pin of the switch goes to the charger .
This gives us three modes of operation one internal battery charging , off and then an USB charger .

Step 3: Battery

For the battery I used old rechargeable mobile phone batteries which are rechargeable. I used two batteries connect in series which gave me 9V output. You can go with easy ways by using 9V rechargeable battery which comes with a charger. And for the case you could go with an  altoids container . To save space You could remove the capacitor , but if your mobile keeps on beeping then add it.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    which of the 3 contacts are the wiring of the battery, two on left one on right? this type of batteries has 3 contacts, which two did you use?
    great feat, thanks for sharing


    9 years ago on Step 2

    hey wheres the switch go in ? i think u 4got that 1 part?