Cool Wall Hook for a Childs Room

Introduction: Cool Wall Hook for a Childs Room

Using a Wood Blank and a cool Dragon Fly Hook to add a little storage in our daughters room

Step 1: Gather Materials

I hate having left over anything, I like to use as much as a can. What this project had that I ended up finishing was the Minwax stain and seal.

1) Left over Minwax stain and seal
2) Painters Tape
3) Dragonfly hook
4) Wooden Blank
5) Paint
6) Push Pins

1) Pin drill
2) Sponge Brush
3) Stud finder (later)
4) Power Drill

Step 2: Prepare the Wood Blank

I drilled 4 small holes in the back of the blank, these are for the push pins to us to raise the blank off the table for staining and painting.

Mask off the top surface that will be painted later, Trim the edges of the painter tape.

Step 3: Stain

Stain the wood blank, and let dry for 24 hours. (I found that 24 hours was enough time for the stain to dry)

Once dry I removed the painters tape for the next step

Step 4: Add Paint

Add two coats of paint to the top of the blank, again I let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 5: Dry Fit

Dry fit and mark for the hole, these two holes in the wood blank will be used to mount it to the stud on the wall and will be covered by the hook once mounted.

Step 6: Mount to Wall

Find the stud and mount to the wall, now enjoy having a hook to hang stuff.

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