Longboard Style Razor E300

Introduction: Longboard Style Razor E300

First two pictures show the electric scooter as it is now and as it was before the modification. The original design was so outdated, that I was not going to use it (cool factor was a negative number :D). I would never buy it, but i received it as a gift, so I had to make it cool enough, to be able to use it when I go for a beer in city centre. The range is around 10km, so it gets me there and back home, since I live just 3km from our favourite pub.

Step 1: Sketching and Test Beta

First I made a sketch, and first test with piece of laminated pallet wood, just to see how it fits the frame, where to make holes and how it effects the handling. The idea was to make it wide enough, so that you can stand on it with my feet side by side. Also i wanted to have enough space to take my 5yo son with me for an ice-cream.

Step 2: Cutting and Fitting

I bought a 7 layer plywood 30x90cm and transfered holes from the original cover and made the stainless steel mudguard out of an element of an old dismantled chimney. The thickness of steel is just 1mm, so it is still bendable but thick enough that one can use anangle grinder for softening sharp metal edges. After cutting the board the edge was rounded with the angle grinder with sanding flap discs and finished with some 200 grit sandpaper, to give it a skateboard edge look.
Tools needed:
- electric drill
- angle grinder (cutting and sanding flap discs)
- jigsaw.

Step 3: Applying Clear Coat

Used an acrylic clear coat. First coat was thinner, sanded it gently with some 200 grit sand paper after it was dry (needs about 2 hours),
and them a second coat that was thicker. To save time, i applied it on lower side first, than flipped the board and applied it on upper side.

Step 4: Applying Skateboard Griptape

The problem with skateboard griptapes and my board size was, that it is only around 23cm wide and 88cm long (9" x 33"), so I came up with the design for it with visible wood part in the middle. Used sharp snap blade utility knife to cut the tape before and after applying.

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