Introduction: Cooper Decorator Momentary Switch

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This modification will turn a Cooper decorator switch into either a normally-open or normally-closed momentary switch . This is semi-reversable but the modified side will not have the normal stopper so it will go further into the housing, these switches are pretty cheap anyway.


About 5 minutes, Cooper decorator switch or similar in any color, hot glue, a flat-head screwdriver, a cutting tool, and a click pen that you don't mind breaking.

Step 1: Open the Switch

To open the switch body gently pry in the center of one of the slots on the back of either side of the switch until the switch comes loose and can be removed.

Step 2: Modifying the Stopper and Switch

Decide whether or not you want your switch to be either NO or NC, this will determine what side of the switch you want to modify the stopper for. If you want NC (normally powered) modify the bottom stopper. If you want NO (normally un-powered) modify the top stopper. This can be reversed later if desired by swapping the rubber stoppers and flipping the switch.

Mark the stopper on the side you want to modify with a vertical mark so you know what side to cut.

Cut the stopper slightly under the mark you made and discard the marked piece.

Shave off the small pin from the switch so the spring has a flat spot to rest.

Step 3: Adding the Spring to the Switch

Remove the spring from your pen of choice.

Insert the remaining piece of the rubber stopper back into the hole (should sit just below the surface).

Add a small dot of hot glue to the flat part of the switch and gently place the spring on top so it faces straight up.

Press the switch back into the main switch body.

Step 4: DONE!

If everything was done correctly you should now have a switch that operates like in the video!