Copper Spiral Lightbulb Cover

Introduction: Copper Spiral Lightbulb Cover

Copper wire creates an aura of light, which is why it's perfect for adding a softer touch to an exposed lightbulb. The end result is original and eye-catching, and it makes your lamp a focal point while helping diffuse the intense light into a warm glow. For this project, all you need is one lamp and a bunch of exposed copper wire.

Step 1: Wrap

This is the one and only step! Coil the wire into a "collar" around the top of the wire, ensuring that it holds on. From there, you're free to simply attach wires to the collar however you'd like. I recommend you work in non-uniform spirals around the bulb, keeping them in a relatively similar direction (horizontal) to create a cloud-like look.

Step 2: Light Up

You're all set! It's an unbelievably quick, easy, and cheap way to spruce up any bare lamp, and immediately makes a room cozier and more stylish. Enjoy!

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