Copper Wire Fossil Pendant!

Introduction: Copper Wire Fossil Pendant!

Everyone has those cool fossil/crystal/touristy things laying around their house. But, I mean, What do you do with just a fossil? Look at it? MAKE IT A NECKLACE I SAY!!! This instructable is about making new out of old, breathing life into something overlooked, MAKING A NECKLACE OUT OF A FOSSIL!
Shall we begin?

Step 1: Bottom Wrapping

The only 2 supplies needed for this instructable are: a stone of some kind and a 1 - 2 ft length of copper wire.

I started out by placing the fossil in the middle of the wire, then doing a single wrap up and around. Once that was done, I continued wrapping in opposite directions until I had a band around the bottom. If your stone is particularly slippery, I suggest some sort of adhesive under the band.

Step 2: Twist

when the wires came back around to the back, I twisted them up, and stopped short of the top. This could probably use some adhesive as well.

Step 3: Top Band and Loop

I did the top band just like the bottom. After the wires came back around, I twisted them once, leaving a band, a twist, and two long ends.
For the loop, I wrapped the wire around a small rod in opposite directions. After you pull the rod out, it still maintains the loop shape. After that, I filed down all the sharp edges, to make it comfortable to wear.

Once you're done with this, put it on a string or chain and you are done! Step back and admire it. There are many different ways and variations on this project, so feel free to get creative.

SO if you liked this thing, vote it up on the Necklaces contest! Much thank for view and have day good.

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    5 years ago

    That is a really cool fossil! Good idea to make it into a necklace.