Cordless Phone

Introduction: Cordless Phone

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1-Telephone voice recoder
2-Phone sound enhancement
3-Annoying phone navigation

Step 1: Circuit , PCB , Components Required

R1- 39 K
R2-180 Ohm
R3- 33 K
C1- 330 pf
C2- 1 nf
C3- 47 pf
C4- 12 pf
T- C945
D4..D1- 1N4148
Green Led

Step 2: the Beginning and Soldering

This circuit dont need any batterry and speaker.

Step 3: How Do It Work ↓↓↓

you should connect a wire to ANT
and connect two wire to IN and OUT too.
now you should plug the circuit to telephone line and connect the OUT to telephone.
set up the radio when the telephone ring without answer
the telephone on radio you can
hear the voice of the annoying.

Step 4: If It Dont Work :-( ↓↓↓↓

Enjoy ☆★☆★☆★
Excuse me my english is not very good. :-/

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