Introduction: Corkboy

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The main hero of any Western is a cowboy. And the main place in any Western is a saloon. And the main thing in any saloon is a bottle of … something hot. And the main part of each bottle is a cork. Such a long way from a cowboy to a cork. Let's try to make it closer.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • drill (D 3 mm)
  • drill holder
  • scissors
  • brush wide (5 mm)
  • brush narrow (2 mm)
  • thin rasp (needle file)
  • office knife
  • awl
  • ruler
  • dividers
  • pencil
  • screw driver


  • large cork (champagne) , 4 items
  • middle cork (wine), 2 items
  • middle cork short (wine), 2 items
  • beer cap, 2 items
  • bamboo sticks, 2 items
  • screw (3х10 mm), 2 items
  • cardboard plate (100x100 mm, thickness 2 mm)
  • acrylic paints (brown, red, blue, white, black)
  • PVA glue

Step 2: Preparation of Pin Connectors

Cutting of bamboo sticks: 7 items - 20..25 mm length, 1 item - 40..45 mm length.

Step 3: Drilling Holes in Parts

Cork is a rather easy material for cutting. So you can use standard drill (D 3 mm) and any hand holder to fix drill and turning it by your fingers. I have used standard brace holder, e.g. It has convenient surface with a notches. Depth of holes is about 10..15 mm.

Step 4: Alignment of Soles

Cut rounded side of two large corks for a shoes (beer caps) mounting.

Step 5: Preparation of Shoes

Make holes at the center of each beer cap using awl (BE CAREFUL! - use wooden base). Increase the holes diameter using drill (D 3 mm).

Step 6: Hat Preparation

First - cut a hat (fields) from a cardboard circle (diameter 90 mm) with a central hole (diameter 22 mm). Next - bend the fields using any cylindrical object (bottle;), i.g.

Step 7: Painting of the Shirt

Painting at last... We begin from the shirt. Make a white grille on the all necessary parts (thorax, arms, hands, belly). Then paint a red cells (a huge work, I recommend to find a helper ;-).

Step 8: Painting of the Head and Hands

If you have no appropriate color (pink) mix it using white and red one.

Step 9: Painting of the Trousers

Use blue color to paint three items (pelvic and two legs).

Step 10: Painting of the Boots

Use brown color to paint four items (two legs (bottom side) and two shoe soles-beer caps (outside only)).

Step 11: Painting of the Hat

Use brown color to paint two items (fields of hat and head (top side only)).

Step 12: Painting of the Face

I am not a professional artist. So a painting of the face is a incredibly difficult work for me but I found suitable solution. The sequence is: 1) find appropriate photo and open it in your favorite graphic editor (I use free PaintNET); 2) simplify photo using special effect ('Oil Painting' in PaintNET or similar in another software); 3) draw sketch according the simplified photo and use it in your model.

Step 13: Assembly

Assembly sequence is not difficult (see images and animations) and you practically don't need any glue (if you use bamboo sticks and D 3 mm holes). Only one delicate moment - to connect fields of the hat and the head part you need to make small cuts around the hole on a fields part. I recommend to use a few bits of glue between the fields of the hat and the head after their connection.

Step 14: Fine, Signori!

Our hero is ready.

Step 15: P.S.

If you are not a Western fan you can paint this doll in another style - according to your favorite personage.

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