Introduction: Corky Smoky Eyes

Eyeliner is a great and versatile enhancer to any eye. It can make eyes look bigger or even give the illusion of a different shape. Unfortunately, eyeliner can be rather expensive and can range anywhere from $8-$50. A typical eyeliner is replaced every six months (average shelf life after its been opened). That's why using a wine bottle cork is a great way to give your eyes the extra detail they need, while not costing you an arm and a leg. In this tutorial, you will lean how a wine bottle cork can make for a great eyeliner substitute.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

You will need the following items for this tutorial:

-Eyeshadow (I love Sephora's Naked 2 palette)

-Wine Bottle Cork

- Mascara


Step 2:

Using a brush, cover your eyelid with a light colored eye shadow (I used Sephora's Verve colored eyeshadow).

Step 3:

Using a darker shade from what you used for your eyelid (I used Sephora's Yok colored eyeshadow), blend mid-lid for shape with a brush.

Step 4: Place the Cork in the Open Flame

Heat one end of the cork with the open flame of the lighter (just until the cork begins to blacken). Then, wait 3-5 second to let the cork cool down.

Step 5:

Once you've let the cork cool down, rub the cork along your top and bottom lash lines. You'll need to repeat step four to acquire the desired shade of darkness from the cork eyeliner.

Step 6: Finishing With Mascara

First, dust some eyeshadow on your eyelashes to make them look fuller when you apply mascara. Holding the mascara brush horizontally, comb through your eyelashes beginning with the base and moving towards the top of your eyelashes. For thicker lashes comb trough more than once, making sure not to leave any clumps of mascara.

Step 7: Finished Look

With no time or no money to buy eyeliner, using a cork will give you the same great look that any name brand eyeliner pencil or smudged can.

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