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Introduction: Corky, the Pin Holder Pot

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Corky the pin holder pot is a pin cushion design for the pins and needles.

it can also store mini items inside the pot allowing for more storage places for your

sewing needs.

Now let us make one shall we!.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

The materials needed are the following:


Wine Cork

EVA foam

Ballpoint pen


and Stick Glue ( you can also use Glue gun.)

Step 2: The Pattern

Now cut you foam into this pattern shown.

Step 3: Cover the Cork

now with your cork, and the foam pattern.

take the long strip of foam and cover the bottom of the cork, glue first the middle of the foam and then the ends of the foam.

Step 4: Potted Cork

now get the other foam pattern and glue the ends of the foam,

to make a pot.

Step 5: Potty the Corky Pot!.

Now you're done with this project and enjoy sewing.

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