Introduction: Corn in the Cube Chicken Treats

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It's getting hot out and if you're hot so are your chickens! Here is a quick and easy treat to help keep your chicks cool when it's sunny out.


You will need to gather your supplies.

1 can of corn kernels

1 glass of water

2 ice cube trays

1 handful of mint leaves (optional)

And, a freezer of course.

Step 1: Your Ingredients

Mint is optional, I got mine from my plants out in my back yard. Mint is great for chickens to eat when it's hot out because it naturally lowers their body temperature, helping to prevent over heating and heat exhaustion.

Step 2: The Corn

Open and drain your can of corn, you can also use fresh corn if you have some ears of corn from the store or your own garden.

Use a spoon to put a small amount in each compartment of the ice trays. One can divides nicely into two standard trays.

Step 3: Water Your Corn

Fill both trays with water ensuring that all the corn is covered.

Step 4: Add Your Mint

Once full put a few leaves of mint on top of each water and corn filled compartment.

Step 5: Freeze Them and Wait

Place both trays in your freezer, make sure they sit flat. After about 4 hours you have yourself some corn in the cube treats to help cool your flock.

Step 6: Bag Them

To help reduce freezer space we empty the ice trays into a zippered freezer bag.

Step 7: Hire Some Help

Take a few cubes out to the flock to give them something entertaining to peck at. The ice and mint will cool them down and keep them happy.

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