Introduction: Cornflakes Mushroom Soup and Fruity Yoghurt:

Fruity yoghurt:

fruity yoghurt is very simple to prepare with healthy ingredients and no cooking process.


-A bowl of mixed fruits of your choice

-sweetned yoghurt

-nuts and raisins

-cup of cornflakes

Step 1: Procedure:

-sweetend curd is prepared by just blending yoghurt with sugar.

-Take a serving glass and add sweetend curd about 2 tbsp in each glass.

-Add some fruits of mixed fruit on the sweetend curd.

-Add nuts and raisins of your choice

-pour 2 more tablespoons of the sweetned curd on the fruits.

-Top with breakfast cereal like cornflakes.Add nuts and raisins.

-serve immediately.

Step 2: Cornflakes Mushroom Soup:


-1cup chopped mushrooms

-2tbsp chopped onions

-2tbsp plain flour

-1 cup milk

-2tbsp butter



-1/2 cup cornflakes

Step 3: Procedure:

-Take a vessel and add 2tbsp butter and saute onions for few minutes. Then add sliced mushrooms and saute for few secs.keep aside

-In the same vessel saute plain flour for few secs.

Step 4:

-Take another vessel, combine 1 cup of milk with 1 cup of water and bring to boil. Add sauted onions and mushrooms.

-Dissolve the plain flour with water and add this paste slowly by mixing so that no lumps are seen. Flour is added to form thick consistency.

-Finally add pepper, salt and corn flakes

-cook for some time and serve hot.

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