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Introduction: Corsair A70 Mod | Gaming Edition | Diy Tech

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  • Appearance: This Mod gives a very neat and elite look to a CPU cooler. And this mod can be done on numerous PC air coolers to give them a better look.
  • Directing airflow: With the side of the air cooler closed the airflow will be more directional than dispersing. As with this mod ur cooler’s side will be closed. Thus instead of dumping hot air in case u can get it out of ur case more easily.

What cooler are u using?

Air Series™ A70 Dual-Fan CPU Cooler. This is the cooler I am using though I am using a single fan and that fan is from cooler master called SickleFlow 120. Though both the manufacturers won’t be happy being hugged like that:D

Tools/material required:

  1. Acrylic (2mm thickness is enough and if u have the same cooler as mine you will need a 9.8cm X 1.5 feet piece.
  2. Acrylic weld (superglue works too)
  3. Hand saw or table saw or jigsaw to cut the pieces
  4. Dremel and sand drum
  5. Sand paper 300 grit
  6. Some colored vinyl to detail the final looks

Please keep in mind that FIG.1. on a page means first pic on that page and FIG.2. means second image in sequence on that page and so on ...

Step 1: Acrylic Cutting

Keep in mind that I modded corsair's A70 and the measurements u see are for this cooler only. For a different cooler u will have to measure the dimensions first.

1. Cut two 12.2cm pieces from that 9.8cm x 1.5 feet acrylic piece. Fig.1.

2. Cut one 12.4cm piece. Fig.2.

3. From the remaining piece cut it in half and then cut 4 triangles like shown in figure. Fig.3.

Step 2: Sanding, Gluing and Detailing

1. Sand the pieces especially the surfaces that will be glued together.

2. Hold the pieces like shown in figure. Fig.1. making sure they are at perfect 90 and apply tiny amount of glue.

3. Once the pieces are joined apply glue along the length like shown in video to make sure the pieces are joint firm and glue is on the whole joint.

4. Repeat the step for all the joints.

5. Now using CD you can mark an arc on the triangular pieces and then using sand drum sand the Triangles to that arc shape. Fig.2.

6. Glue the fan to inner part of the shroud using a double tape or glue u can even drill hole in those triangles and then use screws to hold the fan in place.

7. With all that done use vinyl to finish its appearance according to ur taste. I loved the corsair gaming logo so I made that.

Fig.3. Sanding arc using sand drum

Fig.4. Finished arc

Fig.5. Finished shroud

Happy Modding

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