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Introduction: Cotton Candy Nail Art

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In this instructable, you will learn how to make adorable cotton candy nails that are fashionable for any time of year

Step 1: Supplies

1) a dark and a light shade of pink 2) a white. I am using a pearly white. 3) clear coat with sparkles (optional) 4) bottom coat(requirement) top coat(optional) 5) iridescent pink or white(also optional) 6) bobby pin *also just have some toilet paper or a paper towel near by*

Step 2: Starting

To start, put a base coat on all of you'r nails (especially the big toe)

Step 3: Colored Nails

Take the same two shades of pink that you will use for the cotton candy. Paint dark pink, light pink, dark pink, light pink. And then let it dry

Step 4: Swirly Swirl!

Keep the two pink bottles open because its cotton candy time! Put a few drops of light pink towards the top of the nail. Then put on the dark pink. Take your bobby pin and swirl them around before they dry

Step 5: Cotton Candy Holder

Wipe off your bobby pin and dip it in the white polish. Draw a sort of cone shape under the swirled candy. And fill it in

Step 6: Iridescent:)

Take the iridescent polish and paint ONLY THE COTTON CANDY(not the stick) AND ALL THE LITTLE TOES. When that dries, paint the sparkly clear polish on your entire big toe (including the cotton candy)

Step 7: Finished

Now you're done! Paint on a top coat so your delicious art will last!!!! Leave a comment or check out my other instructables!!! Thanks;)

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    Nona de Plume
    Nona de Plume

    2 years ago on Step 7

    Love this idea! However the lighting in the pictures prevents good "HowTo" shots. These are so dark I really can't see the technique. Maybe you need to consider purchasing an inexpensive photography light.