Introduction: Country Girl Desk Furniture Makeover

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This little desk was built for me by my grandparents MANY years ago, I painted it black to match up with my old guest bedroom scheme that was a compromise for my ex husband. Now that I’m a single gal I’m taking back all of my furniture and making it mine again so everything is getting a full on country girl furniture makeover and moving to my whole new guest bedroom and library! I already painted the little end table (makeover coming next week) and the steel bed frame so it was high time to finish this little desk too.

After finding an amazing wall decal for the bed I knew I wanted to do something similar for the top of this desk. First job was though to try and cover that gloss black Rustoleum with gray matte acrylic paint! Four coats later and, finally, no more brush strokes and I had a nice surface to work with.

Step 1: Adding the Decal...

This is the amazing wall decal I purchased on amazon, I was so excited to put it on the top of the desk and I was SOOOO relieved I had my best friend Rachel to help with this. Just like when putting the decal on the bed I was WAY out of my element here. These decals come between two pieces of paper and you have to make absolute certain (before trying to take the back piece of paper off) that the decal is fully and completely stuck to the top piece of tacky clear paper. Then you smooth it out over your surface and stick the decal down as hard as you can before carefully pealing the last piece of paper off. It was a tad tedious…

We cut the decal in half, choosing to put the two sayings side by side. What’s neat about these decals is that you can literally put each letter or phrase etc wherever you want so they are very versatile to any size surface you may want to put them on. I did two coats of a poly acrylic over top to help keep the decal in place and protected.

Step 2: Completion

Besides that my little workshop stool that I made earlier this year fit in just fine tucked underneath. I wasn’t able to put it beside the bed like I had first imagined (not a wide enough room) but there was plenty of room at the end of the bed. And I’ve always liked the idea of a room beginning with a nice empty surface to put things on. All in, I think it turned out country, girly and very me. My grandparents’ built this little desk for me nearly 20 years ago and I think they would approve of its newest makeover!