Introduction: Couture Dessert Stand (Life Size)

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Perfect for Sweet 16, Bridal Shower, Wedding, and any other girly parties!

Step 1: Materials

At first we wanted to make the stand out of OSB. However, after much consideration (this was solely made for, if we were to make out of OSB, there isn't much space in the house to store it. With cardboard, they were easy to disassembled and destroyed :P I mean, off they went to recycled bin!)

Full size mannequin

Large thick card boards (we used left over TV box)

Pencil, ruler, stapler, scissor, sticky tape (if needed), pins

Hard paper roll from a strapping coil (for base support - first picture) - the size was just perfect for our 1st/bottom circle, as base support.

Glue gun

Electric saw

For this stand, we cut 3 circles for where the desserts (such as cupcakes) to be placed at

1st circle - middle measurement (diameter) was 41 cm, outer was 19 cm

2nd circle - middle measurement was 41 cm, outer was 10 cm

3rd circle - middle measurement was 30 cm, outer was 9 cm

All those measurements, depending on the width of your mannequin's hips

For each circles, I cut two of each of them, then glued them together and lastly stapler them. So they are thick and strong

I stacked them using mason jars, just so that you can see how they would be

Step 2: The Support/Legs

For each circles made on the previous step, I mentioned mason jars, but of course we made the proper supports for the circles

These "bars" that we used for the legs came from the packaging of big boxes

The measurement for the legs were 13 cm in length and we had to use electric saw (so yep, those bars were strong and hard to cut without the electric saw) to cut them.

Step 3: The Stand

To be sure that the bottom circle (1st circle) is sturdy, we glued it to a piece of cardboard and then glued the cardboard onto the base support. From then, we glued the legs on each circles and stack them.

Your stand is ready!

Dress it pretty and decorate it accordingly. You can also give it a necklace to make it prettier :)

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