Introduction: Covid-19 Face Mask

This mask is to protect you from this virus.

There are many designs out there for masks; some cloth, some 3D printed, some from molds. However, those can be not effective or are expensive. This mask is made to filter out the small particles that this virus has and protect you from getting sick.

This mask is made with two cones, one outer cone that has a sting that holds the mask together and to your face. Then there is an inner cone that holds the filter, made out of a vacuum bag, to filter the air you breath. The filter is held between these two. The outer cone has a length of para-cord attached to be able to tie it around your head to keep the mask in place.

***This mask has not been professionally tested to see if it will filter the virus.


  1. Vacuum bag, it is encouraged you get one that can filter around .1nm
  2. Several large dishwasher safe plastic container, such as sour cream or cottage cheese containers
  3. Glue, Super Glue, Krazy Glue, or JB Weld is suggested
  4. String, Paracord is used in this example however a great verity of things will work to hold the mask to your face
  5. 100-220 Grit Sandpaper
  6. Scissors
  7. Printer (to print out the pattern)
  8. (Optional) Paint

Step 1: Prep

Print off the pattern and print it out cut it out.

Cut the lip and the base off the container. Make sure it is clean so the glue will be able to hold.

Step 2: Cutting Out and Score

Place the paper pattern on the plastic square and trace the design onto it. Sometimes there will need to be several parts to cut out to make one cone. If this is necessary, make sure to leave about an inch of overlap in the parts so that you will be able to glue them together. Make two of these shapes because you need to have two cones

Grab the sandpaper and lightly score the edges that will be glued. For your convenience there are shaded areas on the pattern that outline where it should be scored then glued.

Step 3: Glue and Finish

On the part of the cut out that will be glued together, put a thin layer of glue and hold together for a couple minutes to let the glue set. It should look like the picture above. Let it dry for about 24 hour. Do this for both cones.

After it's dry, poke holes on either side in the cone that will be the outer cone. This will be used to attach the string to hold the mask to your face.

Wash it and it is ready for you to use!

Step 4: Optional: Paint and Lower Rim

One thing that you can take the mask a step further is to paint it to look better. The example above was spray painted to look more appealing.

Also you could make a rim of hot glue or cut up a yoga mat and put it around the rim of the lower mask to create a larger area against your face to help spread the pressure out to make it more comfortable to wear.