Introduction: Cozy Study Room (SCENE)πŸ˜€

This will introduce you to my tinkercad design that is great for you.↑Up there are some photo of the design if you want to look, and I'm excited to walk you through to my project because this is the 1st time for me to present to you guys one of my tinkercad design to Are you ready? What are you waiting for, next page!

If you are not familiar with tinkercad here

Step 1: Make a Frame!

the first thing that you need to do is to make a frame or a walls for the room. Make a big rectangle hole in the middle wall because we will add a window in there later.

Step 2: Add Some Design!

it's up to you what kind of design you want to put in the wall. I choose butterfly because this design is for my sister.

Step 3: Add the Window!

it's up to you what kind of window you will place in there. I put a sliding window because it's easy to make one and I add a curtain for design.

Step 4: Make a Book Shelf!

Next is a book shelf, It's not a study room without books right? so in order to make a book first we need to make a hole to a box, and then you can add some details for example a figurine, a book, another book, a different color book etc. you can make your own design of book shelf, you can look at mine to gather some ideas. once done you may proceed.

Step 5: Make a Computer!

this↑ is what I created, you can make an extension of the book shelf and make it a table for your computer,speaking of computer you can copy my computer design, but it will be much better if you create your own design of computer better than mine I known you can do it! next is...

Step 6: Make a Chair!

A chair is a computer's best friend so you need to make your own chair or you can copy mine just by looking at it. you can make a awesome and cool chair if you want. I created this cute little chair because it's for my sister. :)

Step 7: Make a Paint Stand!

next is a paint stand you can use my design as your basis in order to create your own design of paint stand but you can create much better design than mine so if you have a strong self esteem go beyond, if you have low self esteem cheer up you can do it, my words of wisdom haha, to create many paint stand you can just copy paste.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Design!

I hope you vote for my instructable it's just a little favor and I wish I guided you nicely how to make your own design. that's all thank you, peace.

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