Introduction: Crêpe Swirls - French Pancakes With Horseradish and Beetroot

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super thin, colourful, french pancakes - crêpes -

made with beetroot juice and filled with cream-cheese and fine grated horseradish - flavours that work great together!

easy and fast prepared - perfect as side dish or for a buffet.

the recipe makes 4 crêpes and serves 4 as side dish or 6 for a buffet

Step 1: Ingredients

the recipe makes 4 crêpes and serves 4 as side dish or 6 for a buffet

for the crêpes:

100g all purpose flour

100ml beetroot juice

2 eggs

120 -150ml milk

1/2 tsp salt

oil for the pan

for the filling:

200g cream cheese

3 tbs fresh grated horseradish ( it also works fine with canned horseradish )



Step 2: Preparing the Crêpes

mix flour, eggs, salt, flour, beetrootjuice and milk to a lean and smooth consistensy

heat a mid sized pan and oil it slightly

bake 4 thin, pink pancakes not to dark

- you'll need about 100ml dough for one pancake

stack the crêpes on a plate so they don't harden

set aside and let them cool

Step 3: Horseradish Filling

peel the horseradish with a sharp knife

grate it finely ( that might bring some tears - and don't touch your eyes! :D )

you can store the rest of the horseradish grated in a glass in the freezer.

mix 3 tbs ( or more if you dare) with the cream cheese

add salt and pepper as you desire

the mixture will increase taste if prepared ahead - horseradish is very aromatic and the mustard oils can be quite harsh to your nose and eyes - I really like the effect :o)

Step 4: Spread , Roll , Cut

spread the filling thin on the crêpes

roll them as tight as possible

cut diagonally with a sharp knife

clean the knife before every cut for a better result.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

enjoy the swirls and experience how well

beetroot and horseradish complement each other.

experiment with curcuma or spinach powder instead of beetroot to get yellow and green crêpes

thaks for spending your time reading the recipe!



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