Introduction: Cracker Cannon

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Add another dimension to the fun while playing with crackers during festival seasons. We gave a try to make a cannon to blow crackers safely. Many people burn there palm/hand, face, damage there eardrums and goes blind because of accidents caused by crackers. This cannon can provide safety as it fires in a particular direction and in case of close enough burst also, there is a very less chance of getting injuries because cracker will burst inside the cannon and decreases the shock waves, sound & fire.

In India, during Diwali festival, many people get injuries because of blowing crackers carelessly. Click on the orange line to see the disturbing images of accidents.

Step 1: Things You Need

  1. Plumbing pipes and joints as shown in this images.
  2. Mounting base, Either wooden block or any heavy base which can take the force exerted by the cannon while shooting.
  3. Festival crackers.

Step 2:

Drill a small hole on the end cap to insert cracker tail to ignite it after inserting cracker and closing the cannon.

Step 3:

Cut and join all the plumbing pipes as shown in this image. Make sure you use only good quality galvanized iron pipe to avoid any personal injuries because it might (pipes)might break into pieces if it is not made out of any strong material.

Step 4:

Fix/ mount the cannon on a heavy base made out of either concrete of wood. The weight of the base should not be less than 1.5kg. If weight is less whole cannon might flip while shooting because of the backward force exerted by the cracker.

Step 5:

Congratulations! Your cannon is ready for fun. Take it to an open/outdoor setup and always use it there only. Place cracker inside by keeping its tail out from the hole of the end-cap of the cannon. Close the end-caps and point it away from any living thing or animal. It is strongly recommended to not put anything inside the cannon along with cracker while shooting because cannon might burst and it can damage you as well as your surrounding. Kids under 18 should never try to make and use this cannon.

Step 6:

Maintain a safe distance of 8 feet by quickly running away after igniting the cracker. Always make and use this under the guidance of your parents of professionals.

Click here to watch this BEAST in action (Experiment video).



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