Introduction: Craft Knife From Trash.

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In this instrcuctable, I am going to make a real working craft knife from trash such as used pencil sharpener and a used ballpoint. After the knife is made, you can use it for cutting stuff such as paper, foamic sheet, cardboard etc. This instrcutable can be related to my childhood activities because by that, we wanted to do simple stuff the weird way and we did so. We did it on our own but i prefer for kids to do it under parental guidance because it deals with sharp blade and fire as well. I hope everyone find it useful in time of need.

Step 1: Step:1 Stuff Required

1 used pen

1 used sharpener

1 Small screw driver

Knife sharpener tool

stove for heating

Step 2: Step: 2 Get the Blade Out of Sharpener and Sharpen It

Use the screw driver to get the blade out of sharpener. Sharpen the blade using the tool.

Step 3: Step: 3 Get the Body of Craft Knife Ready

I used an old marker (thin tip) and pulled out everything inside it.

Step 4: Srep: 4 Fuse the Blade Into Pen

Heat one end of the marker on stove. When it starts to melt, fuse the blade into this soft part. Wait until the plastic hardens. The craft knife is ready to use. Lets see what we do with it!

Step 5: Step: 5 Hands on Using the Craft Knife Made From Trash

I took an old foamic sheet and tried to cut with knife that is just made. It worked perfectly for me. Also i tried to sharpen a pencil color with it. You can use it for whatever you think it can work.