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Introduction: Craft Pumpkin /Candy Lighted Witch

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This is a made from three carvable faux pumpkins from the craft store.

I stacked 2 small pumpkins on the bottom for the body and one large pumpkin at the top for the head. I glued the 3 pumpkins together using Goop adhesive. Then I pushed a wire through the top of the second pumpkin for the armature.

I wanted to make a candy based decoration in honor of Halloween . I used black licorice for the dress on the witch. The licorice was sliced into thirds long ways.I draped the licorice over the arms to make a fringed sleeve and starting at the neck I laid it hanging down the body. I used hot glue to keep the licorice in place. For color I found some shoelace licorice in purple and green and added it over the black .

The hands were made by rolling the green shoelace licorice into a ball until it was soft and pliable and then shaping a hand out of the soft licorice. I stuck the hands to the ends of the wires.

The necklace is a skeleton hand formed from Good n Plenty . I used a needle and poked holes through the candy and then strung them on a strand of wire. The hand was formed from 5 wires twisted together and then the candies pushed onto the wire. The hand was then hooked over the necklace.

For the raven I made a bird body and 2 wings from the licorice and hot glued them together. The beak is a candy corn . The bird is hot glued to the arm.

The is a little cauldron that I found at the dollar store that I filled with candy including a gumball eyeball.

I used craft paint to add the facial features. The hair is licorice that I ran wires through and then kinked into a zigzag design. I poked the ends of the wires into the head pumpkin .

The hat is a paper witch hat that I made and then covered with the licorice .There is a purple spider made from shoelace licorice glued to the hat .l also added a row of Good n Plenty to the hat.

For a base I used a cardboard box covered with fabric and then glued the with to the box top.

Finally, I bought a strand of white lights and covered the bulbs with licorice shoe lace balls that I molded with my hands. I used the green shoelace licorice for the lights.

I made this a couple of years ago and it still looks great. I am amazed that nothing has tried to eat the candy. We live in Florida and have roaches and ants galore, but they haven't taken a bite!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! The licorice raven is a nice touch. I'd be tempted to eat it though!