Crayon Canvas Art




Introduction: Crayon Canvas Art

Here's my version of crayon canvas art! It's a super simple, fun way to create your own unique art piece!

Step 1: What You'll Need

·Crayons!! (I used all Crayola crayons but I don't think it makes much of a difference. CAUTION: If you have those old glitter crayons from the 90's, they take a little longer to melt and personally I couldn't really see any evidence of the glitter.)

·Canvas: I used a Level 1 canvas from Michael's


·A hairdryer

Step 2: Prepping It

·After you choose which crayons you want, take the paper off of them. You don't have to but it keeps you from having to try to remove the paper afterwards and possibly messing up what you've created!
·After you have the papers off line up your crayons with the butt end at the edge of your canvas.
·Take your tape, I used clear packing tape, and stretch it across the crayons far enough that you can wrap it around the edges of the canvas. Personally I pressed the tape around the side of the end crayons and onto the canvas.
***HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: This is why I used the packing tape. I placed the bottom half of the length of tape on the crayons and then folded the top half onto the top edge of the canvas. The reason I did this was because I didn't want the crayon to melt on the top of the canvas. Then take a second piece of tape and place it on the crayons below the first piece. This should leave just a little more than the tip of the crayon exposed. Press the tape down on the crayons to make sure it's secure.
**This part is optional**
I knew I wanted to add the figure holding the umbrella so I sketched it out on a piece of paper, placed tape over it and cut it out with a straight line going from the edges of the umbrella to the bottom of the paper. This made it look like the crayons were rain falling around the umbrella. After cutting out the figure, place another layer of tape over the cut figure and trim the excess tape from around the edges. Carefully peel this top layer of tape off and place it at the bottom of the canvas or wherever you want there to be no crayon.

Step 3: Making the Art!

Now this can be a little messy so you might want to do it outside.
·Lean the canvas up at about a 35° angle. I got two stacked 2x4 boards and leaned the canvas, crayon end up, on the board. *You don't want to lean it up too high or the crayons will fall out!*
·Now it's time for the hairdryer! I put an airflow concentrator attachment on the end of the hairdryer just to give myself more control of over where the colors went.
·Begin blowing the hairdryer on high on the exposed end of the crayons.
**Here's why I used the concentrator.**
·The liquid crayon will tend to pool a bit right by the tips so be sure to move the hairdryer forward and back to move the crayon down the canvas. Also if you want the crayon to reach the very end of the canvas you'll have to keep "chasing" the crayon down to the bottom.
·After a little while you'll reach the first layer of tape. I didn't remove this layer. I focused the hairdryer on that first tape layer and used the edge of the hairdryer to lightly push forward along the crayons to push the liquid forward from beneath the tape.
·Something neat to try for a different kind of splatter effect is if the tape layer begins to raise off of the crayons, blow at the edge of the tape. This will cause the tape to flutter and create a splatter.
·If you decide to use the entire crayon or just for a different amount of crayon to come out, use the aforementioned light pressing technique but blow at the butt of the crayon. (This is the reason for the tape on the top on the canvas!)
***SPECIAL TECHNIQUE*** If you have a particular stream of crayon running down that you want to stop, hit the "cool" button on your hairdryer!

Step 4: Then What?

After you're happy with your melted art, let it cool down!
·Carefully remove the tape holding the crayons
·If you placed tape on the canvas, very carefully remove the canvas tape. WHEN YOU DO THIS: as you pull up the tape place your fingers a little ahead of where you're pulling the tape up so the crayon breaks where your fingers are. If you don't do this, the crayon lines can pull up and break farther up than just where the tape is! This is something you don't want! So either place your fingers to guide where the crayon lines break or use a knife to cut where you want the breaks. Then draw in whatever you want!
·Optional: The next day I sprayed the canvas with a sealant to keep everything in place but it's not something you have to do!

Step 5:

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