Introduction: Crayons Molded Figures and Animals

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This is a description on how to Mold your own Figures and Animals and Cars and etc - using old Crayons.

I originally bought my daughter, Anna, a Crayon Mold Factory - and she molded all of the Rings and Cars and Crayons in the kit.

But, we wondered if we could also Mold other things. So, I modified the Crayon Hot Pot, so we could keep it open. I also epoxied Folded Cardboard over One of the Pouring Spouts to block it, so as leave only 1 Spout to Pour for safety. 2 Spouts left it too hard and risky to pour.

(Only for adults to do this - and kids must work on this only with an adult).

She then Melted Crayons, to pour into Flexible Candy Molds , and made assorted Figures and Animals.


But, this describes how to do the Molding, using only: an old soda Can, Crayons, and Candy Molds.

(Only with Adults Helping of course.)

Step 1: Melt the Crayons

First, we used an old Aluminum / Soda Can, cut down to half size here.

We then placed it on the Burner on the stove, and set the Burner Heat to between 4-and-5 setting.

(Only with Adults Helping of course.)

When heated, then place pieces of a broken Crayon into the Can. And, mix with a 4-6 inch Stick.

Usually best not to mix colors - which often ends up just resulting in Brown.

You also may need to wipe out the Old Color - before adding new color. Or, just use Multiple cans.

Step 2: Pour the Molds

When the Crayon is fully Melted (1 minute or 2), lift the Can using a PaperTowel or OvenGlove, and carefully pour the Liquid Crayon into the Mold.

(Only with Adults Helping of course.)

Step 3: Cooling and Popping the Figures Out

Next, place the Mold carefully into the Fridge or Freezer for 5-15 minutes, until Cool and Solid.

You can then pop Your Figures out !

Suggested to push from underneath. Grabbing and pulling often breaks the figures.

Step 4: ... and ...

Step 5: ... and ...

Step 6: ... and Lego Mold

Step 7: Resulting Pieces ...

Here are batches of some of the pieces that she made.

Step 8: ... More Pieces

The batch includes pieces from the original Crayon Mold Factory.

Step 9: Making Necklaces ...

These, we left a loop of Thread in the Melted Crayon until it Dried. This left the ability to put the Loop and Hang the Figures (SeaShells here) on a Necklace.

Step 10: ... and Pencil Hats !

These are 'Pen Hats' that we made.

We glued the Crayon Seashells, that we made, onto a PenCap, which we then put onto the Top of a Pencil.