Introduction: Crazy Loom Bracelet the Zippy Chain

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This is an amazing bracelet to make it is a pretty and very easy to make. I hope you enjoy my instructable. Don't forget to like and comment. :)

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Step 2: First Step

The arrows should be facing away from you.

Step 3: Placing Bands

Your going to repeat these steps until the end of the loom

Step 4: Repeat Till the End of the Loom

Except for the crazy loom you need to stop right here

Step 5: This Is What It Should Look Like.

Step 6: Place Cap Band

Rap it around your hook twice, but I prefer three times and place it on the last peg.

Step 7: Looming

Pull back the capping band an take the first band and pull it back to where it came from. Repeat TWICE ONLY. Then loom the middle the same way.

Step 8: This Is What It Should Look Like When Your Finished Looming the Middle Part ONLY.

Step 9: Looming the Sides

Pull bake the capping band and take the first band pull it back to where it came from. Repeat. Then go up the sides.

Step 10: Extension

Put your hook through the last peg where all the bands are but not through the capping band. Put a band on you hook and hold one side of the band and with your hook your going to pull it carefully through the band and the put the other end on the hook and pull your bracelet off the loom. Make sure you have all the bands on that one band. Flip your loom so that the arrows are facing away from you and just place bands down one end. Then put the band that is on your hook at the end and start to loom.

Step 11: Clip It

Once you clip it you can pull it off then clip it on the other side.

Step 12: Finished!!

Step 13: I Hope You Like My Instructables Please Comment and Like.

Step 14: If You Need Help Just Ask Because It Can Be Confusing at Times. Don't Be Shy.

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