Introduction: Crazy Mexican Hat

Hello, my name is Juan and I am from Mexico, today I bring you this project of a hat that has an accordion and a serape.

the serape is from my city (Saltillo) and the accordion is not from Mexico but it is used a lot in Mexican music


-foamy (black, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, white)

-moldeable foamy(brown, red)

-cutter, ruler, needles

Step 1: Cut Foami Strips

The first step is to make 1cm marks on the foamy to make the strips

we will use the foamy black, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, white

I use this order black, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, white ,white , yellow, orange, red, blue, green, black and repeat the sequence

Step 2: Put the Strips Together

With the foamy ordered, I put glue on it to be able to stick it on a larger strip of foamy

Step 3: Cut the Sarape

with the previous steps finished, now I will cut to shape it

Step 4: Creating an Accordion

to make the accordion use the moldable foamy and place it on foam

shape the accordion with a cutter

Step 5: Other Parts of the Accordion

Perform the same step above to create these parts

add white foamy to make a the piano keys

Step 6: Put the Parts Together

put the parts together and add decorations to your accordion to make it look better

Step 7: Creating the Hat

To make the cylinder hat I use 65 cm of black foamy

i use the rest of the black foamy to make the base of the hat

Step 8: Adding the Parts

put the parts I made together and glue them together

I use needles to hold the pieces

Step 9: Last Step

The last step is cut the hat and add the top

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