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Introduction: Creamy Cheese Potatoe Bake

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I know I'm probably not the first or the last but this is My Creamy Cheese Potatoe Bake Recipe. How did it come about, well I love food, I can cook, I enjoy cooking but I do not do it often enough, especially for my self that is.

To cut a long curiosity short - I'm decorating my sisters house and she was going away and her last words to me were, 'the potatoes are going to waste, please use them!!!!!

That was it really, in my mind, no recipe to hand. I brought a few things and put them together and said it's go to work surely - it did in a fashion it tasted really morish but I knew it could be better. So it was!!!!!

Step 1: Preparation & Ingredients

None stick saucepan, Whisk, Pyrex Glass Oven dish with accompanying Lid, Pealer & Knife. Grater.

4 Medium Baking Potatoes,
300ml Double Cream,
200 ml Milk, 200gms medium-strong cheddar. 5 small Chesnut mushrooms, 1 clove garlic, herbs, salt, black pepper. (Opt ingredients) If you are not Vegetarian... Smoked back bacon.

Step 2: Prep Continued

Peel potatoes and wash - then cut into 5mm thin slices. With bigger potatoes cut in half then slice, it's a more stable operation. See images. Then take Pyrex baking dish and place slices of potatoes on the bottom until you have a layer.

In the non- stick pan pour in all the cream and add milk to the empty carton stir and pour into pan also. Put on medium gas or electric (small job). When hot enough add cheese leaving a little dusting for later whisk in until cream turns a little thicker.

Now add finely chopped clove of Garlic, Salt, Pepper and Sprinkle of mixed herbs.

Once you have a layer of Potatoe you now add some a small covering of chopped mushrooms & de-fatted smoked bacon if Not Vegetarian....,

Step 3: Pouring Cream Mix on Each Layer

When you have created your first layer cover with the hot mix of cream sauce just before it covers the layer, the sauce should not be to wet or too thick as the excess moisture will thicken due to the starch in the Potatoe once it hydrolyses.

You should have 3 layers and some potatoes left in the last covering add a tiny amount of milk to the empty pan to wash the excess mix from within it. Pour this on top of the last layer.

Once you are done place the cover on top and cool on 180oc for 1 Hr after this time add the remaining cheese as a garnish and place back into oven with the cover removed for a further 30 mins but reduce setting 20 Or so otherwise you may end up with a creamy potatoe sauce too liquid. It is a balancing act....

Step 4: Final Cook

Having added the cheese after 1 hour into the cook time - we now remove the cover and put back into oven for the remainder of the total 1:30 mins cooking period. This will give a nice lightly toasted top. Leave to settle for 10 mins when cooking time is done. Then you are ready to serve... Please rate and comment ;)

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    inspecter gadget
    inspecter gadget

    5 years ago

    Thank you, my pleasure!. There is a weights and measures converter/ calculator on google, but really all you need to do is balance the quantity of potatoes with cream mix - just so the last layer of potato is barely covered with liquid as the mushrooms will release a little water any way. Once everything cooks, it will condense slightly and the sauce will bubble through whilst it is cooking. Hope this helps ;)


    5 years ago

    Would like to see this in American size/weights....... thank you for sharing!

    Yum, I'm hungry now!