Create a Chill Place at Home

Introduction: Create a Chill Place at Home

As Covid-19 pandemic breakout in Taiwan, the government informed us to quarantine at home. Our school transit to online courses.Therefore, let create a comfortable and chill place can at home together!


The main source of my inspiration for my decoration is from Pinterest.


Inside has a lot of different styles and examples can reference.


White candles x1 (or fragrance)

Yoga mat x1

Flower x1

Elephants doll x1 (opinion)

Family photo x1(opinion)

Ballet pointe shoes x1 (change somethings you like)

Computer x1 (Phone or books)

Step 1: How to Choose a Place

The most important thing is to find a right place, find a place that have soft lighting can creates a relaxing feeling. Choose the wall beiges or white with natural tones.The paint colors can have a profound effect on the mood and has enough space to stretch the body and do some exercises. Also choose the place have window can let the sun shine in through the window during the day. The place has to be well ventilated and the view from outside the window was something close to nature.

Step 2: Decorate Your Space

Place your area with some decorations!

Put somethings you love or somethings that was meaningful for you.

I recommend putting the yoga mat on the floor, and do some stretch and exercise during the free time, I put the strength training link below. In case you guys are interesting:)

I attached family portrait is because family is my support, I couldn't imagine how I love them. However, you guys can put your favorite photos. By the way the elephant doll was I got it on my birthday. You can also decorate with other objects.


Step 3: Place the Flowers and Candles

Put some flowers are incredibly soothing both visually and aromatically and the white candles add an air of calm and relaxation. (You can also change the candles to the Fragrance Diffuser)

Follow these easy steps, then you can create a chill place where can feel harmonious and peaceful.


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