Create Yourself USB Temperature Data Logger With ATMEGA128

Introduction: Create Yourself USB Temperature Data Logger With ATMEGA128

Hello Guys,

I want to introduce my weekend project it's using ATMEGA128
In this project we will use RTC,LCD,USART,FT232RL and USB wire male to male

Step 1: Prepare All the Components We Need

2. PCB board, I create myself for it, you guys can make yourself it's a simple ATMEGA128 board
3. NTC
4. LCD
5. FT232RL
6. USB Wire

Step 2: Prepare the Code

I used C and Atmel studio 6.1 for this project

Step 3: Enjoy Yourself a Temperature Data Logger in Your Computer !

Enjoy yourself a temperature data logger in your computer !
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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! As far as I know NTC is a non linear sensor. Can you detail how you have interfaced the same with ADC of MCU. I am thinking about employing the same in one of my projects and looking for the info on the same.