Creating a Base to Place Digital Camera on a Tripod

Introduction: Creating a Base to Place Digital Camera on a Tripod

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I just want to contribute a little tutorial on how to make a wooden base for any digital camera, to take pictures at night to obtain a better perspective.

Step 1: Planning Base.

Good start.
First we begin to take action based on where we will put our camera.

After these measures begin to happen to a piece of wood for cutting.
Measurements are in centimeters (cm).

Step 2: Molded Wood

Once we have the wood pieces according proceed to mold the tripod base using a rasp and sandpaper sheets.
After verifying that the wooden base goes well at the base of the tripod can give a smoother finish with the sanding sheet.

Step 3:

Already having pieces of wood, began to drill them with a drill of 6.5 mm for transpazar the piece and use a sword to drill the screw head is inside the piece of wood.

In my case for my camera screw that fits its base is 1/4 standard hex head rope so will press from the bottom with a 11mm die.

Then will stick two pieces of wood as shown in the photos and let dry.

Step 4: Test and Assembly.

Once the wood pieces are dry, we can put the screw from the bottom and screw our camera to the base.

Well hope it will help to get an idea of how to adapt your camera to any tripod base, because not all are equal.

Any doubt I can help, thanks and see you soon!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thats one of the best custom digital camera base tutorial i have ever seen across the internet. what i understand is that we have two base's for camera base, one that touche's the ground  and second one that keeps it vertical right? i will try to build a custom one for my Sony NEX-F3 digital camera, i am not sure if measurements fits it or not, i bought it online from here better to check the spec's online . I think it should not be a problem building a custom base for my sony digital camera :)

    sonynex f3 digital camera harveynorman digital camera.jpg

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hi shahzebit:

    Measures put in the images correspond to the base of the tripod so I doubt if you have different tripod are alike. The idea is to base it snaps to the tripod to put it (as comets) vertically or horizontally and has a firm grip on the tripod.
    I invite you to do so is very easy and only takes away a couple of hours, luck!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The original base was lost and so I did a new.
    regards amandaghassaei.