Introduction: Creating the High Octane Megazord

This insturctable will show you how o construct the High Octane Megazord.

Step 1: Formation Pt 1

Start with the Lion Hauler, stand him up and push the wheels into the legs and push the face down. Separate the legs and pull out the feet.

Step 2: Formation Pt 2

Take the Bear Crawler, pull it apart and slide the top half on to the Lion Hauler.

Step 3: Formation Pt 3

Take the Eagle Zord take the back end apart and slide into the Bear Crawler. Pull out the arms from under the two shoulders and pull up the head in the the center.

Step 4: Formation Pt 4

With the Lion Hauler open the two compartment's on the back of it's legs. Take out the Engine Cell in the left leg , remove the Bear Crawler bottom piece and place it in the compartment in the back. Leave the bottom of the Bear Crawler off and see next step.

Step 5: Formation Pt 5

Take out the blue piece out of the right leg, unfold it and pull out the handle and the blade and place it in the left hand. Place the sheild in the right hand. The Megazord is complete

Step 6: