Introduction: Creative Skateboard Modelskateboard Model


Double up skateboarding is a very flexible skateboard has tail and single become warped board separately, but whether he slip or are all the same there anyway this also reflected the double up skateboarding the flexibility of a lot of people say double up skateboarding is the true than drab skateboards, skateboard double up skateboarding can support some more flexible movement over time, single become warped skateboard gradually decline, and double up skateboarding gradually popular also, today I introduce is double up skateboardi

I used takercad, and the design idea is to design colorful wheels to have a better experience when sliding

Step 1: Build the Board

Build the board and the upturned

part of the skateboard


The following dimensions
are in mm Make two cylinders of the same size with a diameter of 202 and a height of 10. Align them and rotate the cylinder appropriately so that the highest point of the cylinder is 35 away from the cuboid. Cut and merge the redundant parts with hollow cuboid

Step 2: Make the Screws

The three parts of the screw make up a cylinder
(all the dimensions below are in mm)10, 10, 2 as the base plate, the cylinder of the upper part is 5, 5, 10.77, and the cone size is 5, 5, 3.23, forming a single screw The overall adjustment is 15mm high and the color is white

Arrange the eight screws and arrange them

First row, second
row screw distance for 55 adjustment into the integral part of the white integral height adjustment for 20 mm high

Step 3: Wheel Design Options for Metric Gear 20 Mm Radius

1 Three wheel design options for metric gear
20 mm radius

2 The pulley is a ring with an outer diameter of 55 and an

inner diameter of 50. The length and width of the white part are selected as 50. A hole with a diameter of 20 is made inside

3 As you can see, the wheel is made up of three

colors and the center of the wheel is cut through the hollow body, each part with a central Angle of 120 degrees

4 Elongate to 142 mm long

5 Copy and align the wheels and merge them

Step 4: Now Proceed With Preliminary Assembly

1 As can be seen from the figure above, I

added two bottom plates with a size of 60, 70 and 2, which act as a fixation

2 Add roof shape size 60 60 20

3 The wheels are copied and adjusted to merge

with the main body

4 Two fixed devices were added The dimensions as above are combined for a

height of 45

Step 5: Now the Skateboard Has Been Basically Made

Now the skateboard has been basically made