Introduction: Astounding Stilts!

So, over the weekend I got around to making my own stilts, courtesy of instructions provided by the Dangerously Fun website.

However, after walking around on the stilts for a bit, the bottoms start to splinter. The site recommends using tape, duct or electrical, as a remedy, which I tried. The remedy worked, though it looked a bit odd. But later, when I was in my garage...


.... I found an old pair of sneakers. Put two and two together, and you get stilts with shoe bottoms! The shoes add both attractiveness, humor, and better traction to the stilts (rubber bottoms!). The funniest part is, I store my stilts underneath a car....


...which looks like I ran someone over. The shoes stick out from underneath the car giving the illusion. At least I got a chuckle out of it, and I hope you do too!