Credit Card Laser Cut Phone Holder

Introduction: Credit Card Laser Cut Phone Holder

Introducing a phone holder that fits in your wallet. All you need is a credit card and you can hold you phone up in seconds.

I got the idea from aescobar ortega's instructable: Link

Step 1: Laser It

Using the included DXF file laser cut the phone holder out

Right click on it and select "save link as" on Firefox and chrome or "save target as" on internet explorer. Once you have downloaded them, you can open them with a CAD program.

Step 2: Use:

For phone holding insert your credit card in the upper arch shape slot. To adjust the angle simply change the length the credit card extends through the holder. It should hold all types of smart phones and small tablets

Step 3: Bonus Features

  • Hold phone when charging by placing your charger through the holder and place the charger in the lower slot that is a U shape.
  • While listening wrap excess headphone cord around in the notches

If you come up with anymore uses feel free to comment them and I will edit them in

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