Cricket Motorcycle

Introduction: Cricket Motorcycle

This Motorcycle was produced by using a playground board with the cricket extension addon, so if you don't have these particular components try looking for something programable that can activate 2 ac robotic motors. Besides that you can Macgyver it with materials you can find... mostly.... through out the house!


Material List:

  • Adafruit cricketAdafruit
  • circuit playground plus
  • Electric tape
  • 4 unsharpened pencils
  • 8 wires/jumper wires
  • 4 LEDs
  • 2 AC robotic motors
  • 2 plastic cards (giftcard)
  • Power Source
  • Soldering kit
  • Programable device to implement code into the motorcycle
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Create the Frame/structure

You will want to start with the frame of the motorcycle itself. Grab the 4 pencils and tape two to each other with the electric tape as show above. So now that you have these two planks you will want to now grab your two robotic motors. I've attached a screen shot of the motors for my project (These motors might need some assembly). After you will want to create a rectangle box by attaching the two planks to the tops and bottoms of each motor (a picture has been attached). We are almost done with the structure now. The next step is to grab the hot glue gun and the 3 plastic cards. At point you probably have noticed that the vehicle's structure is a bit unstable, so this is where the glue and cards come in. Hot glue 2 of the cards on each side. Position it so that it stabilizes the structure while also serving as a stand for the vehicle itself. Make sure that the wheels still are touching the floor. After that use the glue gun to seal any cracks or weak points within the structure (as shown above).

Step 2: Electrical Components

The first step that I would advice for this project is to connect some loose wires to each of the 4 motors connectors (shown above). Next after you have all 4 wires connected you will want to create the head and tail lights. Choose 4 LEDs (2 sets of 2) and get the soldering gun ready, if your not able to access a soldering gun use a hot glue gun instead. Once set up you will want to bend the LEDs connectors so that the cathode and anode are touching(shown above). Now connect them using the soldering gun or the hot glue gun. Once you poses the head and tail light now we will want to connect them to something. So grab the boards (cricket and playground) and attach them to each other. Once done grab the remaining plastic card and attach it to the top with tape. This will serve as a foundation for your mother board.

Step 3: Rigging the Wires and Programing the Board

We are almost done now. The board should be on top of the motorcycle itself, once at this position start connecting the motor wires to the Drive attachment on the cricket extension(shown above). Repeat this step for the head lights, except attach the wires to the signal extension on the playground. Now its coding time. Use your desktop/laptop and open up this site will allow you to program the motorcycle to your liking. I've attached my code above as an example. Besides that you should be on the right path! If you don't know how to transfer the code to the board all you have to do is download it and then click the reset button on the playground. Once green it should pop up on the computer and then you can drag and drop your code into your motorcycle.

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