Introduction: Crochet Mario Mushroom

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Why be a normal mario when you can be super mario?

POWER UP!!!!!!

Note: you can make a 1 up mushroom by changing the the red to green

Step 1: Supplies

~ Glue gun
~ White felt
~ Black felt
~ White yarn
~ Red yarn
~ Stuffing
~ I/9-5.50mm crochet hook

Step 2: Top

Row 1~ ch 2, sc 10 in the second ch from the hook
Row 2~ ch 1, sc 2 in each previous sc
Row 3~ ch 1, (sc 1, sc 2 repeat)
Row 4~ ch 1, (sc 1, sc 1, sc 2, repeat)
Row 5-8~ ch 1, sc 1
Row 9~ ch 1, (hsc 1, sc 1 repeat)
Finish off and Turn inside out

Step 3: Bottom

Row 1~ ch 2, sc 8,
Row 2~ ch 1, sc 2, in each previous sc
Row 3-5~ ch 1, sc 1

Finish off and Turn inside out

Step 4: Sew

Now take your yarn needle and sew the top and bottom together. Leave a space to stuff then close the opening.

Step 5: Cut

Cut 2 black eyes and 3 white ovals

Step 6: Glue

Just hot glue the eyes and ovals on and your done!

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