Beexwax Can Be Cleaned in the Waterbath in a Crockpot. This Technique Will Prevent Boiling, and Spilling Wax on the Stove.




Introduction: Beexwax Can Be Cleaned in the Waterbath in a Crockpot. This Technique Will Prevent Boiling, and Spilling Wax on the Stove.

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You will need the following items.

-1 slab of beeswax (you can get that from a local Bee Keeper.)

-1 Crook Pot filled with hot water. ( 2/3 of the crock pot is the most you should probably fill it)The Crock Pot, which allows foods to be cooked slowly over 8 hours , or quicker over 4 hours. ( The crock pot will also hold large slabs of over 2 lbs of unrendered beeswax)

-1 - 2 molds. I tried square soap molds and settled finally on a mini muffin pan

of silicone for the beeswax.

- The time which is needed .

A few hours to melt wax.

-1 older nylon compression stocking, this is going to filter out

any impurities , like pollen and parts of anything which do

not belong in the wax. This sock is carefully inserted into a large bell jar ( just an example )

=> the tip of the sock should never touch the cleaned filtered wax.

1 Container to collect the clean strained bees wax.

See picture above of my Crock Pot holding melted wax

There is a different method to seperate Cappings removed from the combs of the honey filled cells. and the beeswax. There is a different instructable for that.

Step 1: After the Crock Pot Has Melted the Beeswax Its Time to Filter the Wax

The Glass I used to filter the "dirty or untendered"bees wax into is a big bell jar.

The picture on this step is showing ( I did use the wrong filter, I used a thicker stocking, but it worked anyhow.)

the amount of waste, which was filtered out.

I am so glad I fitered.

Step 2: Molding Rendered Beeswax Into Useful Shapes

Above you see different forms of cleaned beeswax.On the left the flat yellow wax was left over in the filtered wax

after I poured it into the muffin pans. After It cooled, it literally fell off, and I remelted it into more mini muffin blocks. It also shows the difference between dirty ( large) and cleaned ( small ) block .

Second to the left picture shows my small packaged beeswax blocks. I do not sell.

Packaged and ready to store.

third from the left shows the cleaned wax left over on rendered flat wax on 1 st picture melted and ready to pour.

On the right my right picture is showing that every drop of beeswax is saved.

Step 3: Beeswax Has Lots of Uses

Beeswax can be used for many things

- you can waterproof boots with bees wax and

- season the inside and comb slats of bee hives and

- use to strenthen threads for sewing by hand.


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    4 years ago

    when I poured wax into the stocking it didn't all go through, & now I have a thick layer of wax stuck to the stocking; is there a way to remove the wax without tearing the stocking? Also is there a way to make sure the wax doesn't pool & get stuck as it is poured in?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the info. For those of you who might not have a crockpot (or might be worried about ruining your good crockpot) you can find Crockpots and just the crocks that go into them at most thrift stores in my area. That way you don't have to worry about wax that may remain in your crockpot the next time you cook something.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    If you melt it in the microwave it boils very easy
    and thats not good


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The water melts under the bees wax
    after that I siphen of the wax off the top
    and filter it
    that seperates the dirt fromv the wax


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I never knew how handy they were.
    Thanks for your nice Comment.