Crocodile Clip Memo Stand




Introduction: Crocodile Clip Memo Stand

This is a simple memo stand for displaying labels and notes. Perfect for labelling your other creations for show.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make the clip you will need...

  • A crocodile clip (with or without a cover)
  • A short length of sturdy wire
  • A small pack of Sugru

You can use whatever colours you like but for this example we are going to make it all red.

You will also need the following tools...

  • Wire stripers
  • Soldering iron
  • Helping hand or mini vice
  • Wire cutters

Step 2: Solder on the Clip

First we need to solder on the clip. Soldering is easer than it looks and you can find plenty of tutorials online if you have not done it before. If you solder a lot then you will probably not need the following instructions.

You will need to strip about 8mm of the wire to start with. Then "tin" the wire by heating it with the soldering iron and applying solder between the iron and the wire, then then just to the wire. Pull off any surplus solder with the iron. Cut off the end if the wire if it looks longer than it should.

Then do the same with the crocodile clip. Be careful as the clip may stay hot for a while.

When both are tinned place both together and heat them with the iron. They should melt together. Remove iron and hold for a few more seconds.

Finally slip the cover over crocodile clip if you are using one. You will not be able to do it later.

Step 3: Coil the Base

Next we need to coil up the base. To do this place the wire flat on the bench, place a finger on the wire where you would like the base, then bend the wire to a right angle. I recommend making it shorter then 8cm for it to stay stable.

Then bend the wire round in a loose coil and cut.

Then use your finder to tighten the coil further. It should be about 3cm wide when you have finished.

The clip should stand up on it's own now. If not bend the coil until it does.

Step 4: Cover the Base

Now open the Sugru packet, kneed it a little, and flatten it out with your finders. While the wire is standing upright wrap the Sugru round the base. You will probably want to put down some paper to protect the worktop.

Now form the base by pushing the Sugru in to the wire gaps and then smoothing out the top with your fingers. No need to pick it up yet.

Leave it for about 20 minutes to harden a little, then clip it up somewhere for another 24 hours to fully set.

Step 5: All Done

Then we are all done. Just clip in your card or post-it note. With such a low centre of gravity it is surprisingly stable.

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8 years ago

Add a small rare earth magnet under the coil and held in place by sugru to make it even more versatile.