Introduction: Crotchet Scrunchy

This is an easy scrunch only using single, double, and slip stitches.


Crotchet hook
Hair tie

Step 1: Connect

Connect the yarn to your hook to start off as shown in the picture.You would to a song crotchet in to the hair tie to get it like that.

Step 2: Single Crotchets

Chain 2 then do single crotchets all the way around hair tie.then connect it with a slip stitch.

Step 3: Chain and Double Crotchets

Do 2 chain stitches and then do 3 double crotchets in each stitch.It will start curving. If you want to make it bigger you would chain 2 and then repeat this step.

Step 4: Finished

Now you can wear it. It’s done.

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