Introduction: Crown and Scepter

Get creative with this crown and scepter Strawbees creation! You can make your crown any size you would like. Follow the steps and wear your crown and scepter as a royal.

Step 1: Collect Material

What you will need to make this creative crown Strawbee is:
-10 straws (cut them in half)
-25 white keys
-10 double sided keys
-10 tiny blue o's
-1 big blue O

Step 2: Assembling the Crown Base

In this step you can see we are starting to attach the base of the crown together. Depending on the size of the persons head you can use less straws or more.

Step 3: Complete the Base of the Crown

After you have attached all the proper pieces of the crown, your base should look like this.

Step 4: Crown Points

When Assembling the crown points you will need to use the keys and straws. Connect the pieces you have made together.

Step 5: Connecting the Points to Your Crown Base

Keep the crown points in place by sticking the keys in each of the holes.

Step 6: Finished Product

Wear your crown!

Step 7: Collect Materials for Your Scepter

What you will need to add the final touch to your royal look!
-2 large straws
-5 large straws cut in half making a total of 10 straws
-3 keys
-5 double sided keys
-2 star shaped inserters

Step 8: Creating Your Scepter

-Assemble the stick of the scepter by attaching the two long straw together (you may wish to cut one of the straws to make the stick shorter)
-Use the double sided keys and attach them to straws
-Connect them to the star shaped inserter

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