Introduction: Crude Jewellery Blade Organiser

All right. I will be the first to put my hand up and say this won't win any contests in the beauty category but it does what it is meant to do. I always find my workbench getting covered in jewellery blades and having to hunt around for the size I want. I had a gap today where I was awaiting for a courier, so decided in that time to see if I could make a simple organiser out of the scrap around my workshop.

Step 1: Aluminum Tubing

I had some aluminium tubing 1cm in diameter lying around. So I cut this down into lengths apx 10.5 cm. As it was aluminium and I was in a rush, there wasn't much love put into the cutting. Once they were roughly the same size, I filed them off.

Step 2: Collar One

Using a bit of scrap copper; I made a simple collar. I bent it around the tubing just using pliers and a brass mallet. Once I had the right enough shape. I soldered one side down, took it back to the tubing and tighten the grip of the collar by squeezing hard with pliers - as in the last picture.

I also tapped down between the pipes to make a tight fit.

Afterthought. If I build another one (and a much better one!) there is the possibility of incorporating a hinge here, so the blade could swing outs.

Step 3: Collar Two

I then took a Y shape piece of scrap and wrapped it around the bottom and turned it over. Again using pliers and a mallet.

I also added a piece of wire to form the stand

Again, I also soldered one side first , tightened and repeated for the other side.

Step 4: The Stand

I curved the wire I had inserted and hammered it flat to form a stand.

The final touch was adding the blade sizes on the tube with a sharpie and putting blades in.

A quick scrap build, does the job and believe it or not quite sturdry.

Step 5: