Introduction: Crystal Clear Case for Arduino Watch

I am making a smartwatch with some Arduino board. It is very easy to find hardware and software resources how to make it on the web. But I am facing a critical problem, most Arduino smartwatch image I googled is not beautiful enough. It is very hard to show my works to friends and I don't want someone treat it as a bomb! :P

So before I make a fully featured smartwatch, I want to design a good looking for it.

Step 1: Material

PET Plastic Plate

It is transparent, provide enough support and very easy to get from many product packing.

2 Long Screw

I have some remain while playing 4WD toy car.

Hand Belt

It is very easy to get from girls accessories store.

Left and Right Fixing Plate

It should be more stylish if make it by wood, but I am lazy one, so just print it out.

Step 2: Measure Dimension

MCU and display board have many various dimension, and also battery and other modules. It is require to know all these sizes before draft the design.

Step 3: Cut the PET Plastic Plate

Cut a long strip with the width the same as the display board. (or MCU board, select the wider one)

Be aware while cutting! PET have a very smooth surface, it is very easy to slip out the cutter. To avoid hurt your fingers, please use a mild force and repeat the cutting path slowly.

Step 4: Design Left and Right Fixing Plate

The PET plastic plate, MCU and display board all fixing by Left and Right Plate.

Firstly, draw a pit for the PET plastic plate, it should have some curve shape to increase the support.

Then draw the pit for the display or MCU board.

Most important things, reserve some holes for the MCU IO, such as TTL or USB port.

At last, 2 screw hole, one side hole size should be a little bit larger than screw, so that screw can easily in and out. The other side hole size should be a little bit smaller than screw, so that it require a screwdriver to screw in.

Happy drafting!

Step 5: Make the Left and Right Fixing Plate

Again, it should be more stylish if make it by wood, but I am lazy one, so just print it out.

Step 6: Place the Core and Screw in One of Fixing Plate

Remember one of the fixing plate have screw hole larger?

Place the screws and the boards on that plate.

Step 7: Slot the PET Plastic Plate

Slot the PET plastic plate in the pit, it may need some effort. If you found the strip longer than the pit, cut this down. If you found the strip a little bit shorter than the pit, forget it.

The PET plastic plate connection point should be at the bottom of the watch case, use a masking tape temporary connect it.

Step 8: Slot in Next Fixing Plate

This is the most difficult part for the assembly. Make sure PET plastic plate and the boards all slot in its pit.

Step 9: Screw Up

When both fixing plate working well screw up the screw and remove the masking tape.

Step 10: Insert the Hand Belt

Insert the hand belt into the gaps between the screw and the PET plastic plate. The belt can help to hide the shorten part of the PET plastic plate, so forget it.

Step 11: Show It to Your Friends!

It is now the time to show your work to the friends!