Introduction: Cub Scout Tree Topper

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Custom tree topper made with 3D printed models. STL files attached for the cub scouts, presents, and our parade banner. Made with TinkerCAD and HeroForge. Additional model supplies below are needed to complete the project.


- Model Christmas Tree

- Wood Plaque

- Lacquer, spray

- Felt, white

- Flex Seal

- Model Paint

- Staple Gun

- Flag Pole bracket

Optional: Mini LED lights

Step 1: 3d Model Files

I used HeroForge to create the models. $3.99 each to customize the look and pose. I added the neckerchief to complete the scout look.

The Banner was made by converting an image of our banner to an SVG file in black and white. The image was cleaned up in MS Paint then imported to TinkerCAD so it could be imposed onto a block.

The presents are TinkerCAD shapes made to look like presents.

All files attached.

Step 2: Print and Paint 3D Models

Models were 3d printed on a resin printer. Details can be found on our Thingiverse page.

Paint models with model paint. Easy enough for an 8 year old. Seal with spray on Lacquer as these are going to be used for an outdoor tree.

Step 3: Place and Secure to Plaque

I used a 5x8 wood plaque sealed with spray on lacquer. The models were glued on with Flex Seal. This glue is multi surface, quick dry, and waterproof.

You can have 1 up to 4 models on the plaque. The banner was propped on scrap wood which was stapled to the plaque.

The felt was cut and laid on haphazardly to the bottom and stapled. Remember this will be place high up on a tree so you won't see how bad it looks.

Step 4: Mounting

Using a flag pole bracket, screw 1/2" to the bottom. A 1" screw was used through the board and bracket into the Christmas tree base for additional security.

Mounting can place the platform parallel with the ground but not easily seen. Or straight through the bracket as it angles the platform downward.

Optional: Mini LED Lights

Flex Seal the battery box below and wrap the LED lights around your tree. The excess line can wrap around the platform.

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