Cup a Noodles

Introduction: Cup a Noodles

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cup a noodles is so easy a kid can make it. I know because i am one.

step one if you don't like the vegetables you can take them out.

step two turn the electric kettle.

step three when it boils then give it 3 of 4 minutes.

step five turn the electric kettle off

step six put the hot water in the noodles.

step seven let the noodles sit for 3 or 4 minutes.

step eight let it cool down.

step nine eat it.

step ten clean up the mess.

Step 1: What You Will Need

cup a noodles (maruchan instant lunch)


electric kettle(hot water)




Step 2: Take the Vegetables Out

if you don't live the vegetables then you can take them out

Step 3: Fill Water Up to the Line That You See

you fill up the boiling water up to this line that you see

Step 4: Time to Fill Up

fill up the boiling water in the noodles

Step 5: Let It Cook

you have to let it cook then you put the fork in the paper on top

Step 6: Try a Small Bite

when you try a bite if it is hot then let it cool down for a minuet

Step 7: Time to Eat

when it is done you eat it

Step 8: The End

when you are done you can clean up your mess

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