Introduction: Repurposed Cabinet Handle (Garden Faucet)

Cupboard handles/knobs can be made from anything grab-able, like an outdoor faucet.  I got the idea while wasting time online, and by consistently looking at and purchasing old garden tools and incorporating them into my kitchen - not entirely sure why, but I'm going with it.

Step 1: Gardening Supplies

All available at your local big box garden/home center for the approximate costs listed below:

Garden faucet handles - $1.50 each
#10 Washers - $1.00
#8-32, 2" brass bolts/screws - $1.00
#8-32 Brass Nuts - $1.00 (Or, brass acorn nuts)
A-3 Compression Nuts - $1.00

Step 2: Planting

Place one washer on the bolt, then thread through the back of the cupboard (see photo 1 below).  If you try to do this in reverse, then you may have a problem shutting the cupboard door.

With the majority of the bolt threads poking though the front of the cupboard, place one compression nut, then the faucet handle, then one washer, and screw the nut onto the bolt to hold everything together (see second photo). 

The Compression nut is only there to make some space between the faucet handle and the cupboard door.  Also the washer is slightly larger than the bolt (#10 vs. #8) because there is a hole through the faucet handle that I wanted to cover.

Once assembled, take a sharpie and mark the length of bolt still sticking out of the faucet, which you will need to hack saw off, carefully, using a vice or something so  you don't hack saw off a finger.  Or, you could just measure better than I did and get a bolt of proper length in the first place.

Step 3: Re-Planting

Lastly, reassemble using the re-sized/hacked bolt, and voila, a cupboard handle for about $3.  I suppose you could just go buy a shiny one from the same box store, but then, you probably wouldn't be an instructable reader would you.

Oh, post photos, I ended up not liking a raw bolt sticking out of the faucet, so I used a brass acorn nut, which you can find at the same store for the same price.

Many variations to this little project.  Maybe bent silverware would make interesting cabinet handles..?