Curtain Pin

Introduction: Curtain Pin

This is another really simple instructable. The windows in my room face east, and in the morning when I would be working at my desk, a beam of sunlight would slide past my closed curtains and splash across my face into my eye, making it hard to see. A few years ago, I finally had had enough, and I decided to make this simple contraction using what I happened to have on my desk at that moment. I have been using it ever since, and have never had to repair it. It works just as well as ever. It doesn't damage the curtain in any way.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: -A screw -A paperclip

Step 2: Put the Screw in the Wall

The first thing to do is put the screw in the wall. I simply placed the screw up against the wall used a screwdriver, turning clockwise while applying normal force to the wall (perpendicular to the wall) to drive the screw in. The screw should be located very close to where you want to pin down the curtain, but should be slightly outside of that region.

Step 3: Attach the Paperclip to the Screw

Next, attach the paperclip to the screw by straightening out the paperclip almost all of the way, and wrapping a length of the paperclip around the threads of the screw. The length that you use for wrapping should be however much you need to keep the paperclip sturdily affixed to the screw. I used needle-nose pliers to help with the job.

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