Curved Surface Made Using Straight Lines




Introduction: Curved Surface Made Using Straight Lines

Here's how a curved surface can be made using straight lines.

Step 1: Making the Frame

This curved surface is made using string strung on a frame.

  • Cut a length of dowel at an angle, see if it looks about right, if it does make a small mitre box to cut 4 dowel lengths at the same angle.
  • The small mitre box is made from scape wood. Glue three small lengths together with white glue. Use this mitre box to cut some dowel lengths so two 'V' pairs are made.
  • Cut the ends of the 'V' pairs so when glued together they make a 3D 'W'. Use the mitre box but this time hold the dowel been cut either upwards or downwards.
  • A bit of trial and error may be required to get these cuts just right.

Step 2: Fit and Drill

  • Test that the two pars of 'V's can be joined together to make a 'W'.
  • Trim so they are all the same length of about 18cm long.
  • Join the two pairs together with white glue (PVA) and a screw at each join.
  • Make equal number of marks along each side and drill a series of holes through the dowel (I later learnt that only two parallel sides need to be drilled).
  • Centre punch and drill holes at the marks.

Step 3: String It

  • Thread string between two sides as shown in the photo. A curved surface will take shape.

Step 4: Plaster It

  • Cover the string with lengths of masking tape.
  • Cover the masking tape with a sheet cling film.
  • Apply lengths of plaster cloth which has been dipped in water.
  • Once the plaster cloth has dried, remove from the frame.
  • Make 8 more.

Step 5: Paint It

  • Paint the surfaces red and yellow
  • Attach nine of these to a board and place on the wall to make a colourful decoration.
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