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Introduction: Custom Christmas Ornament

I made a custom ornament as a joke for my boss. He has three young sons and I thought it would be cool to immortalize him for Christmas.

Step 1: Design and Laser Work.

I have designed a few dinner plates for the cruise line I work for, so I knew I could do it. First I decide how many images I want to repeat. Then I divide 360 by that number to find the pattern area. Then I place the image at the top center and rotate it around the center. I added a border and some cutout shapes to complete the snowflake. I have to differentiate what the laser cutter does so I assign colors for each aspect. The magenta color will be the etched area and the black rule for cutting.

Step 2: Hang and Enjoy

I inverted the magenta to make a second snowflake as a negative. Make sure to add a hole for hanging and enjoy.

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    2 years ago

    Wow! So cool! You should sell customized orders.