Custom Letter Clock

Introduction: Custom Letter Clock

About: I like many things I give you little detail because I don’t feel like typing it all

I’ve always wanted to make a clock, so I did. And my username starts with a Q so why not make a Q clock?
You can make it your own letter or a Q as well so it’s personalized for you.


Wood any length or width as long as it can fit the clock motor
A clock motor
Clock hands
A wood burner
Optional: some spray on wood shiny thing to make your wood smooth and shiny

Step 1: Cut Your Letter

Take some saw that you use and cut your letter to make your clock out of (make sure you cut it big enough for the clock motor!!!)

Step 2: Installing the Clock Motor

Drill a hole big enough for the turning part of your clock and put the clock motor in the hole should be in the middle
Optional: add a hook for it to be wall mounted

Step 3: Numbers to Tell Time

Use the wood burner and burn lines and numbers into the wood ( be sure to use a protractor so that they are at the right place)

Step 4: Add Clock Hands and Done!

Screw your clock hands onto the clock motor add batteries and set the time then done! You have a letter clock

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