Introduction: Custom Origami Heart Gift Box

Hello Everybody

How are you?

My name is Mounir.

I love origami, and I always make gift boxes to my friends and family members.

It's easy to make, but cost much for the content. just kidding :)

Sometimes I want something special, no one did ever see it.

I had made custom gift boxes, and today, I will show you how to make a special gift box.

My idea is to make an ordinary Origami heart box but with custom pattern and put a picture or the name of whoever will receive the gift, no stickers no pen or pencil drawing or writing. Just with one sheet of paper and a printer (Color or black), it does not matter.

Today project has no pattern, just a picture (instructables logo) and words.

Step 1: Tools

  • Sheet of paper (A4 size).
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue (hot glue gun or any paper glue).
  • Pc with MS office word.
  • Printer (color or black)

Step 2: Take Mesures and Prepare the Template

you need to fold the lid of the heart box first, then take the pencil and mark the borders like in the picture .

Then unfold it, and measure the position with the ruler, and make a template.

Or you can download the Template and put your picture there easily.

just before printing the file, remove the color of the borders surrounding the picture by selecting No Color in the border color option in MS office word.

You can add any pattern you want.

Download Template

Step 3: Print and Cut

Print the picture on A4 paper size,

any color you like and cut the paper in half.

Step 4: Starting With the Lid

Take the top half (this will be the lid), and fold it in half (blank side up). Pictures are in lower section

Fold the top edge to the previous crease and unfold.

Step 5:

Fold the top right corner to lie on the upper horizontal crease. (horizontal red line).

Fold the right edge (yellow dot ) vertically using the corner (Red dot) as a guide, then unfold.

Step 6:

Bring the upper horizontal crease to the right edge. (red lines)

Squash fold the top.

Step 7:

Fold horizontally

Squash fold while bringing the existing creases (red lines) to the horizontal position.

Swivel some paper behind (follow the YELLOW DOT).

Step 8:

Wrap one layer behind. (follow the yelleow line)

Fold that piece behind (mountain fold).

Step 9:

Valley fold from the left edge to the right as above.

Fold the left down corner to the horizontal crease (yellow line).

Then mountain fold using the red line as guide and unfold.

Divide the left rectangle into four parts and repeat on the other side using valley folds

Step 10:

Mountain crease the diagonals from the middle (YELLOW DOTS) to the lower edge in the left side (RED DOTS) and repeat on the right side

Fold the top edge using the tab as guide line (yellow line)

Step 11:

Reinforce the creases as mountain folds

Step 12:

Use existing creases to fold the top and bring the middle parts together.

Crease as angle bisector.

Squash fold.

Step 13:

Fold the corners to the center and unfold

Petal fold (follow the yellow and red lines)

Tuck the point inside

Step 14: Swivel the Segments

Starting with left side Swivel the 04 segments using existing creases (follow the colored lines)

Then fold the tip point a little

Tuck it the tip in the pocket

And repeat on the other right side

Step 15:

Rearrange the layers, so that the tip at the top is free

Then insert the tab into the pocket

Step 16: Using the Glue

Use the Hot Glue Gun or any kind of paper glue to glue the showed points.

(do not use super glue it makes a spots on the paper)


Or you can use any glue, and wait until it dries.

Step 17: Lid Finished


The lid is complete now.

Step 18: Sarting the Base

Fold the top right corner to lie on the lower horizontal crease. (red dot)

Fold vertically using the corner as a guide (red dot).

Step 19:

Complete as the lid from STEP 6 until STEP16

Skipping the part of :

Fold the top edge using the tab as guide line (yellow line) in STEP 10.

Fold the tip marked with yellow lines behind.

Use the glue the same as the lid.

Step 20: Finally

I wish you luck in making it.

Step 21: Next Time

Be prepared ...

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